Are you daring, bold and not afraid to be unique?  Then let me take you on a journey…

We are about to enter the world of eponymous jewellery designer Wendy Yue…you must be brave…you can look but don’t touch…unless you happen to have a spare £15,000 tucked under the bed just waiting to be spent on a fantastical piece of jewellery.  No, jewellery is not the right word…how about; a jewel encrusted miniature work of art..that’s better…well here we go…watch out for the the phosphosiderte leaf…

Phosphosiderte Leaf Ring £10,410 – gems: phosphosiderte, rubelite, white sapphire, green garnet, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, yellow sapphire, 18k gold.

Mischievous Monkey £17,500 – diamonds: white, brown, black.  Coral, green garnet and sapphire, 18k gold.

Opal Snake Cuff £18,435.  Opal, pink sapphires, white diamonds, cognac diamonds, 18k gold.

Carved Agate Flower Ring – £11,405 – Agate, yellow, blue and pink sapphire, tsavorite, ruby, cognac diamonds, 18k gold.

Owl Prowl Cuff – fluorescent turquoise.

Double Dragonfly Ring – Pink and blue sapphires, tsavorite, rubies, white, yellow and black diamonds, 18k gold.

Wendy Yue, is the current queen of haute couture jewellery.  She was born in Hong Kong, but studied in Vienna, although, she has no formal training in jewellery.  She is a world traveller and is now settled back in her native Hong Kong where she works from her atelier.  She has been in the jewellery business for more than 20 years but started her own brand in 2008.  For more information check out her website: