Ethically sourced gold that gives a little extra.

You may be interested to know where our Fairtrade gold comes from and which mining community found the gold that was used to make your rings and amulets.

Workers from the Limata mining community in Peru

Workers from the Limata mining community in Peru.

One of the beauties of this unique gold is it’s traceability. We can find joy and comfort in knowing our gold’s provenance and how it helped the workers find success as a community.

Over the last seven years, the small-scale miners which supply my Fairtrade gold have changed several times.

The Oro Sur Limata Mining Community

Panning for gold with the Limata Fairtrade mining community in Peru

All the Peruvian gold miners that have supplied our Fairtrade gold, since I became a Fairtrade licensee in 2015,  have had their lives changed forever by the Fairtrade Foundations promise to help and support the miners. You may have heard me mention mining organisations such as SOTRAMI, Aurelsa, MACDESA and most recently, our latest supplier, The Oro Sur Limata mining community.

The Oro Sur Limata mine in Puno, Peru, can be found at high altitude (4,500m above sea level) within the Andean mountain range.

They are a community of indigenous people whose primary income source was Alpaca farming, until they discovered gold mining. Now the area has two primary sources of income – both farming and mining.


On Becoming Fairtrade Miners

It all began when a young man named Raúl Flores Mara, along with thirty-nine other young people from the village, saw a life-changing opportunity to mine for gold in the area. They knew this was a chance to benefit the whole community and they grabbed it with both hands. It wasn’t until 2017 that they began their application to become a certified Fairtrade mine after chatting with Fairtrade coffee growers in the area and learning of how they could prosper from the support offered by The Fairtrade Foundation.


The Benefits

Here are some of the ways the Limata community has benefited from their Fairtrade credentials:

With the 10% premium offered to all Fairtrade communities, they were able to gain, much needed, access to water. There are fair wages for all the workers, along with safer working conditions. They are also very proud to have reduced mercury in their gold mining practices and have adopted ways to safely dispose of these toxic chemicals.

For the community of Limata, they are building a secure future, with a guarantee of jobs, for their children.

It is no easy task for the miners to gain their Fairtrade credentials.  It can take several years for a small-scale mining community to become fully certified.  However, once all the necessary structures are in place, opportunities are created for them and their families to gain empowerment through the rewards of economic, social and environmental transformation. The Fairtrade foundation offers hope and brings a sustainable future to all those involved.

Here is some of my Fairtrade Gold jewellery available to buy on-line:


Three pear-shaped diamond rings made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold from small scale miners in Peru.


Anesha ethical engagement ring with a 1.37 Ceylon royal blue sapphire

A 1.37 carat blue sapphire solitaire ring made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold.


Men's Wedding Rings made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold from Peru

Men’s Wedding Rings made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold from Peru.


Ethical diamond necklace made with 18ct Fairtrade gold.