Parti sapphires are otherwise known as bi-coloured or polychrome sapphires. These beautiful and rare gemstones have two or three variations of colour; with vibrant tones of blue, yellow and green.

Some will show two of the colours, while others will offer all three. This multi-coloured gemstone creates a kaleidoscopic effect that will have you mesmerised for years to come.

Australia has been the most prolific supplier of sapphires for hundreds of years. All sapphires and rubies are created from a mineral known as corundum. In Parti sapphires, the corundum reacts with the surrounding minerals (iron and titanium), making a stunning variety of iridescent colors that ensures each one is unique. No wonder these sapphires are so coveted! Its intricacy and complexity in colour, means it is entirely natural and impossible to replicate.

Kavi ethical sapphire ring made with an Australian parti sapphire, 14 turquoise diamond and 18ct fairtrade gold
The Charlotte ethical engagement ring handcrafted with 18ct Fairtrade gold and an australian parti sapphire 0.85 carats

Is a Parti sapphire suitable as an engagement ring?

A Parti Sapphire is tough. It measures 9 on the the MOH scale (MOH measures hardness), making it second-in-line after diamonds. This strength and durability make it a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Strength and beauty makes these gemstones a winning combination for any bride, but especially for those who like outdoor sports or gardening.

When considering the cost of a Parti Sapphire, just like diamonds, it is widely dependent on the size, shape, cut, colour, quality.

Are Parti Sapphires Ethical?

Here at Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellery, we ensure that all our Parti sapphires are ethically sourced and fully traceable before being set into 18ct Fairtrade gold from Peru.

We work closely with a husband and wife team, who live on the Gemfields of Queensland. They are super passionate about the ethics behind their brand and hand-mine, cut and polish all the gems themselves.

If you are interested to find out more or would like to know what’s available within your budget then please get in touch.

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The sapphire gemfields in Queensland Australia