Ruby, the gem of romantic love…just looking at them makes me want to write poetry! Perfect for wooing your girlfriend this Valentines Day.  Take a look at my ethical engagement rings and ethical wedding rings sections for ideas!

Ruby Evie 18ct fairtrade gold ethical wedding ring


Back in January, I decided to order a small packet of rubies to make some jewellery especially for Valentines day. When it arrived my heart did a little flutter and I fell deeply in love with these gorgeous blood red gems.

18ct fairtrade gold ethical heart pendant

Rubies are associated with love because red has always been a symbol of passion and desire. There is something about a ruby that says “I will die for you” or “I will die if I can’t have you”. It signifies an all encompassing, death defying sort of love…perfect for a scorpio (like me!)

18ct fairtrade gold ethical engagement ring