My Mission Statement

To create authentic artisanal jewellery using ethically sourced and socially responsible materials. I am committed to using ethical practices that benefit the lives of small-scale miners, local communities, the planet and its wildlife. I donate 2% of sales to organisations that create positive environmental and social change and hope to inspire other jewellers to do the same.

The Ethical Sourcing of Materials

The ethical sourcing of my materials is something I take very seriously here at Shakti Ellenwood HQ.  I am committed to using gold, diamonds and precious gemstones from sources that are responsible and sustainable so that you can rest assured your handcrafted jewel reaches the highest possible ethical standards.

How I Achieve Ethical Sourcing

One of the most important aspects of responsible sourcing is transparency in the supply chain. This means tracking the journey of the materials I use from their origin to our door. Here you can see the steps I have taken to achieve this:

Traceable Materials

Ethical gold 

Loki ethical wedding rings made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold

Ethical Wedding Rings made with 18ct Fairtrade gold.

All of my handcrafted jewellery is made with 18ct Fairtrade gold from Peru.  I purchase it from the gold refining company – Betts Metals.  Betts receive the gold directly from Peru and then refine the gold so it is ready to use.

The certified mines follows the strictest standards for the protection of both the environment and the people.    This includes protection of the landscape, water sources and forests as well as health and safety for the miners and a strict no child labour policy.

Not only do the miners receive a fair wage for all their hard work they also receive a 10% premium to invest in improving the quality of their lives.  The communities have used this premium to provide the community with electricity, running fresh water, a medical centre as well as investing in a school for their children.


Responsibly Sourced Diamonds  

Callie ethical diamond engagement ring with Chooli ethical wedding ring made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold

Callie ethical engagement ring made with a 0.4 carat CanadaMark diamond.


I use CanadaMark diamonds from the Ekati and the Diavik mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Their strict environmental laws protect the wildlife that live in close proximity to the mine.  These include: caribou, bears and buffalo.   They also protect the workers with health and safety practices and fair pay as well as investing into the local community.

Your CanadaMark diamond (above a 0.3 carat)  will arrive with a certificate card that has a unique serial number on it.  This number is also engraved onto the girdle of the diamond.  This ensures it can be traced from its mine of origin to your door.



Traceable Coloured GemstonesLola-ruby ethical engagement ring with a 0.25 carat heart shaped ruby and 18ct Fairtrade Gold

My gemstones come from ethical suppliers that have exclusive agreements with many mines from Malawi to Montana. Their gems are closely tracked, from mine to market to uphold the strict protocols of fair working conditions and environmental protection.

All of my rubies are sourced from Greenland Ruby:

Which are all mined, cut, and polished adhering to ethical, social, human rights, and environmental laws and responsible practices. Traceable from mine-to-market.


Ethical Packaging

New Ethical Sustainable Wool Packaging in Jewel colours with velvet ribbon

I know the sustainable farm from where the yarn comes from, for my ethical wool packaging.

The Little Grey Sheep Company owns a small farm on the borders of Surrey and Hampshire. ‘Well Manor Farm’.

The farming is non intensive, with no antibiotics or chemical fertilisers used.  The sheep are treated with respect and kindness and the farmers are committed to enhancing biodiversity and preserving the environment

The yarn is then spun and hand dyed on the farm.

Once the wool has been sent out to me, I then pass it onto a very talented local knitter here is Ashburton.


It is always my intention to always give preferences to suppliers with ownership from under represented populations.


Who Made Your Jewellery

6a West St, Ashburton, Devon, United Kingdom - shop frontEvery piece is handcrafted, by me, right here in my beautiful studio boutique in the ancient town of Ashburton in Devon, United Kingdom.  Please feel free to come and have a look around the studio and see how I spin my gold into unique artisanal treasures.

Environmental Policy in the Work Place

We recycle all paper, glass, plastic and food waste as well as any plastic bags sent to us from outside sources.

Our electricity supplier is Valda Energy, who use 100% renewable energy.

Our toilet paper is from sustainable sources and our loo has a duo flush for reduced water usage.

We only have a cold water tap at our sink.

We use green cleaning products and have replaced harmful chemicals with their safe equivalents.


Giving Back

As well as doing my best to uphold the standards of the ethical sourcing of our materials, I also believe in giving back.  Which is why last year I donated 2% of all sales equally between;  Survival International, The Orangutan Foundation,  The Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation and Friends of the Earth UK.    You can read more about this here



Carbon Footprintwren carbon neutral offset emissions

I reverse our carbon footprint with Wren.





Our Environmental Sustainability Goals for 2022

Join ethical bank Starling for my business banking

Find more gemstone suppliers who are committed to the ethical sourcing of their materials.

Use more recycled diamonds in my products.

What I Cannot Currently Trace

Our rose-cut diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds: Although these diamonds cannot be traced they come from a family company in Los Angeles who have their own cutting factory in Mumbai and only buy their rough diamonds from trusted and respectful suppliers.

Our old cut diamonds: These antique diamonds come from pre-loved rings and while we are unable to know the origin of these diamonds, we do know that in the recycling of them, no further harmful mining practices were used to obtain it.  

Why I Think The Ethical Sourcing Of Our Materials Is Important

Unfortunately, most jewellery companies will not be able to tell you where their products are made, who made them, or the origins of the gold, diamonds and precious gemstones they are composed of.   

This means you may unwittingly purchase a wedding or engagement ring from sources, with long supply chains, that somewhere along the line involved a disregard for human rights as well as environmental and social devastation.

The Impact Of Mining And Manufacturing On Human Rights

Many of the small scale mining communities around the world live in poverty through unfair pay, the conditions they work in are hazardous and for the many children who mine for gold and stones it is the only way they have to survive.  

Indigenous tribes from the Amazon have been found with slave numbers tatooed onto their arms; they have lost precious lands and been slaughtered and raped by illegal gold miners. Many have faced war and conflict abuses or have no access to clean water. All human rights lost.

The Environmental impact Of Gold And Diamond Mining

The Poisoning of the rivers and forests caused by the dumping of mercury, cyanide and other toxic chemicals used in the mining process, are harming the health and sustenance of entire communities. As these deadly substances work their way into the soil and rivers, they poison the local people, the fish and the animals residing in the area for generations to come.  

Deforestation is commonplace to make way for mines, which again leads to the death and displacement of wildlife and the human population.

The Social Impact Of Gold And Diamond Mining 

Mining companies often fail to get the permission of indigenous communities who have lived on and protected the land for many generations. This has caused the displacement of entire villages as lands are taken over for mining, often destroying sacred lands and plant medicines. Communities have been forced to leave their homes as fishing or hunting is no longer possible.

Here at Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellery I believe in the respect and fair treatment of all people, regardless of who they are, where they come from and what age they are. I value all wildlife and care about the treatment of our planet earth.  

I also love fine jewellery and want my clients to have access to the most ethical products on earth.


NB: This information is reviewed and updated every six months.


If you would like to purchase an ethical engagement or wedding ring please click here to see my unique collection of ethical rings, available to you,  or get in touch and I will make you the bespoke ring of your dreams: or call 01364 653000

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