Ring Sizing – Getting it right

selection of rings on a ring sizer

Wedding Rings

For most of my men’s wedding rings, a simple trip to your local jewellery store is all you need to do.  Any reputable jeweller will be able to measure your size for free in a matter of minutes.

However, for my more delicate women’s wedding and engagement rings, you will not get an accurate reading using a store ring-sizer, as they tend to be bulky. This same rule applies to all the other techniques, (including plastic ring sizers) you find on the internet.

Sizing is particularly crucial if you have your heart set on one of my delicate bands with gemstones and diamonds, as these cannot be resized after making.

For this reason, I have made a selection of my rings (in a base metal) ranging from H to Q, which you can try on in the comfort of your home.

I suggest wearing the ring that fits you overnight, but if that is not possible, try to wear it for a couple of hours, making sure your fingers are neither too hot or cold.

This service costs £40.00, refundable upon return.

Click HERE to order your sample rings.

Selection of Shakti Ellenwood's ethical wedding bands with gemstones

Engagement Rings

Getting her size right can be tricky if you want to surprise her.

But don’t worry, a little bit of detective work might be all you need.

Could you ‘borrow’ any rings she may have lying around and then take to a jewellery store to have measured? This should be a free service.

(Please note if the ring is very wide or worn on her middle finger you will probably need to go down a size from the size you have been given.)

For a slightly less accurate reading you can measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimetres and then I will convert it into a UK size for you.

Alternatively, ask her friends and family for advice. Her sisters or mother may have similar finger sizes or perhaps you could enrol them in the task of taking her out shopping and get her to try on rings ‘for fun.’

If none of the above are a possibility, then I suggest you buy the ring you have decided upon and send it back to me for either a free ring sizing or have it made from scratch in her size.

If you are choosing the ring together then I recommend you click HERE to order sample rings to find her perfect fit.