This ethical pendant is the Native American Indian Thunderbird.  Made with Fairtrade gold and ethical sourced rainbow diamonds.

Inspired by my trip to New Mexico the mythical Thunderbird is one of the most revered spirits of the Native American Indian people. With booming claps of thunder and lightning bolts bursting out of his eyes, He is able to create rainstorms and is said to be so large he could easily lift a killer whale out of the sea with his talons. ⁠

The Thunderbird represents strength, power, and protection and has the ability to transform from bird to human by opening up his head and removing his feathers. ⁠

This Thunderbird pendant is part of my Animal Amulets Collection which is inspired by the Ancient Egyptians who wore jewellery primarily as protection and the Native American Indians to whom Eagles are a divine conduit.

By choosing ethical jewellery made with Fairtrade gold you are enabling a sustainable future to the lives of two small artisanal mining communities in Peru and helping keep the environment and wildlife protected.

This Golden Eagle pendant is handcrafted in my Devon studio and comes on either the Queenie or Medium Trace in a variety of lengths. She is seen here with my handmade Queenie chain.


– 1.4 mm thick x 24 mm high x 20 mm wide (at his widest part).
– 8 x 1.2 mm diamonds in various colours.