The Rainbow Serpent amulet is made with 18ct Fairtrade gold and rainbow coloured diamonds and rubies.

Over the past seven years, I have regularly attended Aboriginal Dreamtime meditation retreats to learn more about the history and culture of this ancient race.  Several of the jewels in my collection came to me in mediation during these gatherings and this is the latest one.⁠

Within Aboriginal mythology, the Rainbow Serpent is an immortal, god-like creature. The story goes that initially, the earth was flat and frozen while the Rainbow Serpent slumbered deep within the earth.  She had all the world’s animals in her stomach awaiting birth.  Then, she pushed up from beneath the ground and created fire and sun.  She made the mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes and gave birth to all the animals.⁠

The Rainbow Serpent is the creator of all beings.  Aboriginals believe that the Rainbow Serpent places spirit-children throughout waterholes and women will become pregnant if they step into the water.  Therefore, she is known as a giver of life and is a major symbol of fertility.  Whenever you see a rainbow in the sky, it is the Rainbow Serpent travelling from one water hole to another. ⁠

She is also the guardian of the land and the source of all things with the power to enter into human beings and bless them with magical powers.⁠

By choosing ethical jewellery made with Fairtrade gold you are enabling a sustainable future for the lives of small scale miners in Peru.

Handcrafted in my Devon studio boutique, this pendant would be perfect on my Queenie or medium trace chains.  I like to wear it long at 81 cm.

To add a chain choose from:

The Queenie Handmade Ethical Gold Chain or The Medium Trace Chain

Your Rainbow Serpent amulet will arrive in a luxurious ethical wool pouch.  Sent tracked, signed for and insured.

I donate 2% from the sale of this jewel to environmental and social causes.


– 3 mm diameter of snake x 45 mm high x 25 mm wide (at his widest part).
– 6 rubies and 39 coloured diamonds with 1 CanadaMark white diamond.