This adorable Paloma dove ethical bracelet is is an amulet for peace.  Handcrafted with traceble 18ct Fairmined gold.

She is from my Animal Amulets Collection which is inspired by the Ancient Egyptians.  Doves are the ambassadors of peace, innocence and compassion.

Fairmined is an initiative that provides a certification label for gold sourced responsibly, ensuring its traceability and extraction using environmentally-friendly mining practices, while also promoting the growth of artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

Handmade in my London studio, United Kingdom.

My jewellery carries a high vibration of love. Whilst working with gold I sing ancient healing mantras and weave blessings and prayers into the very bones of them. I like to think of my jewels as ‘Little Gold Prayers’.

If you prefer your amulet to be made from scratch, I will add ancient healing codes to help you on your journey through life. If you would like to speak to me about what areas of your life you would like to heal, please email me to arrange a call.

Your Paloma Dove ethical bracelet will arrive in a luxurious ethical wool pouch.  Sent tracked, signed for and insured.

– Height: 13mm (.5″)
– Length: 15mm (.59″)
– Thickness: 0.7mm (.027″)