This adorable Paloma dove ethical bracelet is an amulet for peace. She would make a wonderful gift, for anyone in need of tranquility.

Paloma is the Spanish word for dove and this little dove has a special place in my heart as I made it to honour my daughter, Paloma, who was born in Ibiza, 10 years ago.

She is from my Animal Amulets Collection which is inspired by the Ancient Egyptians. Jewellery to them was not only about the aesthetics of a jewel but also as a way of protecting themselves against negative forces. Doves are the ambassadors of peace, innocence and compassion.

By choosing this Paloma bracelet, handcrafted with 18ct Fairtrade gold, you are giving a sustainable future to the lives of the artisanal miners and their communities.

Palomita is made in my Somerset studio.

– Height: 13mm (.5″)
– Length: 15mm (.59″)
– Thickness: 0.7mm (.027″)