Haruko is a sumptuous ethical engagement ring with a warm and happy vibe.  She has been given the Japanese name Haruko which means ‘sunlight child’. Haruko would make the perfect alternative to the traditional engagement ring.

The rectangle rose cut diamond weighs 1 carat and is a wonderful golden yellow colour, which has been set in a narrow, hand hammered, band reminiscent of ancient Roman times.  The casing around the diamond has tiny engraved lines to create texture.

As is the case with many rustic diamonds there are a couple of tiny inclusions on the surface of the diamond which were created when the diamond was growing and add to the unique artisanal quality of the ring.

Made with Fairtrade gold from the MACDESA mining community in Peru, ensuring the safety and protection of the miners and the environment.

Haruko has been made in my studio in Devon and is a size M 3/4 but can be re-sized.

– 1ct yellow rose cut diamond (7.3mm x 6.4mm).
– 1.5mm band using 18ct fairtrade gold.
– engraved lines on the bezel and flat hammered.

Rose cut diamonds have a flat bottom with a series of facets cut into the top. They have been around since the 16th century and have unbeatable old world charm.

Haruko matches the Evie wedding band, which fits right underneath.  She also looks great with the slightly thicker Sienna or Ami rings.

For each of my Fairtrade ethical engagement rings purchased this year, I will donate £10.00 to the Orangutan  Foundation –