Copies of my delicate bands will be sent out to you,  ranging from H to Q, so that you can find your perfect size.

I recommend wearing the ring that fits you for 24 hours if you can.  This is because your fingers can swell and shrink according to the time of day and the temperature.  If not, a few hours will be fine.

Send them back to us within 10 days (we advise recorded delivery) and a refund of £30.00 will be issued (there is a £10.00 charge for postage and packing).

In the drop down box you can choose between 1.5, 1.8 and 2 mm diameter bands.

Order the:

1.5 mm sample rings for:  

Evie, Ruby Evie, Honey, Honey-Diamond, Juliet, Eliza, Rainbow-Eliza 1.5, Mazel, Macha, Rainbow-Chakra, Orla and Chloe.

1.8 mm sample rings for:

Charly, Zoe and Platinum Chakra

2 mm sample rings for:

Ami, Rainbow-Luli, Rainbow-Charly, Mossy, Sienna, Oriana, Sunna, Rainbow-Eliza 2mm, Daisy, Aurora, Magdalena, Surya.

If you are unsure which sample selection to order please email: