These ethical earrings, made with hand cut chrysocolla gemstones and two sparkly champagne coloured diamonds are like drops from the ocean. We have nicknamed them my ‘good vibe earrings’ as they always take me back to long summer days on the island of Ibiza.

Handcrafted and artisanal in their nature they are the perfect antidote to all that is mass produced.

Made with 18ct Fairtrade gold and all natural stones that have not been treated or dyed in any way.

The ancient Egyptians called chrysocolla the ‘wise stone’ because, they believed, it instilled the wearer with love, intuition and above all patience. The star setting, surrounding the diamond, encourages us to follow our own star and let it guide us.

By choosing ethical jewellery, made with Fairtrade gold, you are helping the artisanal gold miners in Peru build schools and health centres.

These 18ct yellow gold earrings are hand made, with love, in my studio in Somerset.

They are made using the finest champagne diamonds (conflict free) with undyed, untreated chrysocolla drops that have been hand cut.

Gold Disks:
– Diameter: 7mm
– Thickness: 0.8mm

Mink Diamonds:
– Diameter 2mm

– Height: 10mm
– Width: 7.5mm
– Thickness: 4.6mm