This darling Ellie Elephant ethical bracelet, handcrafted in Fairtrade gold,  will remind you of your inner strength and bring your luck whilst helping to save these wonderful creatures from extinction.

Inspired by the Native American Indians and the Ancient Egyptians I created my Animal Amulets Collection. The tribes of America believe each of us has a spirit animal to help guide us and our ancient Egyptian ancesters wore animal jewellery to protect themselves from evil.

Elephants are known for their ancient wisdom, nobility and fortitude. They are loyal and loving creatures to all whom they form relationships with. When a baby elephant is born the whole herd gathers around the new born and mother to rumble with joy…awww!

10% of the profits of all my elephant jewellery goes to  For more information see my Giving Back page.

By choosing jewellery made with Fairtrade gold you are making a difference to the lives of small scale miners in Peru, giving them a sustainable future with gold that is fully traceable and produced responsibly.

Ellie is authenically handmade, with love, in my Somerset studio.


– Height: 9.45mm
– Length: 14.30mm
– Thickness: 0.6mm


7″ 18k gold medium oval chase chain
Wire thickness 0.47mm. Width 2.03 x 2.55 mm.