This ethical rose cut, diamond ring has a simple organic elegance.

A  0.7 carat, clear diamond with specs of black and grey is set in warm 18ct yellow Fairtrade gold.  She has been hand hammered to create an ancient look with a thoroughly modern vibe.

This Clementine ring is handmade on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon in my studio.

In stock: size M, with a free ring-sizing option available.

By choosing an ethical engagement ring crafted with Fairtrade ring you are making a difference in the lives of artisanal miners, giving them a sustainable future without exploitation.

The Orangutan Foundation receives £10.00 from the sale of this ring.


– 0.7 carat clear, rose cut diamond (dimensions:  5.5 x 6.5 mm)
– 1.5mm diameter band hammered flat