blossom bee fairtrade gold animal amulet pendantblossom bee fairtrade gold animal amulet pendant

Blossom Bee Ethical Necklace in 18ct Fairtrade Gold


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Product Description

This ethical necklace has been made in honour of our friends, the bees.   Made with 18ct Fairtrade Gold Blossom Bee is the latest charming addition to my Animal Amulets Collection.  Shown here on a braided hemp necklace woven with gold thread.

Bees buzz around our gardens and fields pollinating our crops and wildflowers, they give us honey and wax and it is said that 1/3 of our food supply depends on the pollination of these tiny creatures.  Sadly, bees are dying out and so I pledge to donate £20.00 from the sale of each bee to: Friends of the Bees.

Animal Amulets are inspired by the Ancient Egyptians who wore jewellery as protection and the Native American Indians who say we all have a spirit animal. The bees are here to show us the power of the collective consciousness and remind us that we are all one in spirit.

By choosing ethical jewellery made with Fairtrade Gold you are making a difference in the lives of artisanal miners, their communities and the environment. Giving them a sustainable future with gold that is fully traceable and produced responsibly.

Blossom is handmade in my studio in Ashburton in Devon.

– Height: 14mm
– Width: 20mm (wing to wing)
– Thickness: 1.5mm

2 x 1.5mm emeralds.

Tiny oval trace chain: Wire thickness 0.37mm. Width of link 1.49 x length 1.80 mm
Medium oval trace chain: Wire thickness 0.47mm. Width 2.03 x 2.55 mm.
Queenie handmade chain: Wire thickness 0.6mm. Diameter 3.7mm.


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Chain Type

41cm Medium Trace Chain, 41cm Queenie Chain, 41cm Tiny Trace Chain, 46cm Medium Trace Chain, 46cm Queenie Chain, 46cm Tiny Trace Chain, 51cm Medium Trace Chain, 51cm Queenie Chain, 51cm Tiny Trace Chain, Pendant on String, Pendant only, Woven Hemp Necklace