One Of A Kind Rings

Shakti Ellenwood’s one-of-a-kind, ethical engagement rings are made with diamonds and gemstones unique in their shape, size or colour. They may have been set in a combination that will only be made once.

A selection of these rings are set with diamonds that are heavily included with minerals formed deep within the earth’s crust.

These unique diamonds are called Rustic diamonds or Salt and Pepper diamonds and come in a variety of different colours; from sunset oranges to espresso brown and all the colours in between. Salt and Pepper diamonds specifically refer to white diamonds flecked with black spots. Each diamond is unique and perfect for the Mrs. (to be) who wants to express her individuality with a ring that is exclusive to her. Rustic diamonds are the earthy, edgy little sister of the white brilliant cut diamonds that we usually see. They are 100% natural, each with its own interior world of colour.

Every diamond and gemstone is handpicked and set into 18ct Fairtrade gold to create charming, one-of-a-kind, ethical engagement rings designed to be future heirlooms.

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