Ethical Wedding Rings

Shakti Ellenwood’s ethical wedding rings are handcrafted using artisanal techniques passed down through generations of goldsmiths.  Romantic and earthy, in their design, they are inspired by ancient cultures with Shakti’s distinct modern aesthetic.

A wedding ring is a sacred object that symbolises your love and commitment to one another. They were first worn by the Ancient Egyptians; woven in hemp, to represent the eternal love shared between two people. Imagine what you could do if you took that ‘eternal love’ and shared it between whole communities? Saying ‘I do’ with these ethical wedding rings means you are doing just that.

By choosing these wedding rings made with Fairtrade gold you are making a difference in the lives of artisanal miners, their communities and the natural environment around the mine which protects the wildlife, rivers and plants. Giving these small-scale gold miners a sustainable future with gold that is fully traceable and produced responsibly.  Through this unwavering commitment to sustainability, each ring is a unique symbol of love designed to last through the ages.

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