CanadaMark Diamond Rings

CanadaMark diamonds come with a promise of responsibility, purity and authenticity.  They are among the most responsibly sourced diamonds in the world, each one completely natural and free of all treatments, whilst meeting high standards for clarity, cut and colour.  When these beauties are set into 18ct Fairtrade gold they become the most ethical engagement rings in the world today.

Originating from Canada’s Northwest Territories, just below the Arctic circle, these CandaMark diamonds come from one of two mines; the Ekati or the Diavik.  They follow strict environmental laws to protect the local wildlife such as the Caribou, bears and buffalo, as well as protecting and environment, which is a place of outstanding natural beauty.  These mines also uphold health and safety for its workers, pay a fair wage and benefit local communities.

Each diamond, of 0.3 carat weight and above,  is given a certificate card.  This ensures that it can be traced from mine to the finished polished diamond.  It then has a CanadaMark logo and unique serial number laser inscribed onto the girdle of the diamond.  This number is recorded on the certificate card and will be presented to you with your ring.  All smaller CM diamonds are sent to me in a sealed bag for authenticity.

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