Shakti Ellenwood’s love of animals along with her fascination for ancient cultures and sacred symbolism led her to create a collection of Animal Amulets to honour each of these elements.  Inspired by the Ancient Egyptians, who wore amulets in the form of jewellery to ward off the evil eye but also to bring luck, love and abundance into their lives.  The amulets are also inspired by the Native American Indians who say that all animals are to be revered because they each have a different teaching to bring us as well as acting messengers to their ancestors and to God.

Handcrafted with 18ct Fairtrade gold and conflict free gemstones, as part of her ongoing commitment to making ethical jewellery, each Animal Amulet is designed to tell a different story; to act as a symbol of your spirit guides and to help guide you on your journey through life.  Which one are you drawn to?

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