Handmade Wedding Rings

Shakti Ellenwood’s enchanting handmade wedding rings are created using artisanal techniques passed down through generation after generation of goldsmiths dating as far back as 5000 BC.  Every wedding ring begins as a piece of 18 carat gold formed into a circle; the two ends are soldered together & finally, the ring is hand-hammered to create texture. Sometimes diamonds and precious gemstones, of all colours, sit within the band creating pops of candy colour.  You will also find the more traditional white diamonds, ethically sourced from Canada Mark, whose mine sits just below the artic circle.

All are ethically made with 18ct Fairtrade gold responsibly sourced and fully traceable back to the original mine in Peru. The Fairtrade Foundation ensures that these artisanal miners are paid a fair wage for their gold and receive an extra 10% premium.  This premium is used to build schools, buy new equipment, get access to clean water and provide healthcare.  Fairtrade gold is mined without harm to the environment, with anti child labour practices in place, respect for women’s rights and safe working conditions.

Inspired by ancient cultures, these timeless treasures are made by Shakti in her studio boutique in Ashburton, Devon, United Kingdom.  Each handmade wedding ring is a unique symbol of love designed to be a cherished, modern heirloom.

Please get in contact if you would like to add stones to one of the plain wedding bands, want a width you don’t see or want to chat about a unique combination of gemstones or diamonds.

2% from the sale of each ring is donated to environmental and social causes.

Men’s Wedding Rings
Women’s wedding rings