The giving back project began in 2015 as I felt called to take action to help save our planet earth from the destruction of deforestation and mining. Two years on I am still as dedicated to the giving back project, as I was then. Planet earth needs our help, as does the wildlife that is affected by these environmental changes, more than ever. So, this year, I have decided to give to six charities; three that deal with conservation and three that address animal welfare.

For each of my  ethical engagement rings that are purchased, I will donate £20.00 to the following three charities, who help to protect our planet:


Friends of the EarthFriends Of The Earth International –

Campaign on urgent environmental and social issues which help to create environmentally sustainability.




Save the Arctic

Save The Arctic –

Currently suing the Norwegian government for allowing oil companies to keep drilling for oil in the Arctic.




GreenpeaceGreenpeace –

Champions at exposing environmental abuse and finding responsible solutions.




For each of my Animal Amulets sold I will donate £10.00 to these charities listed below:


 tusk.orgTusk –

Aims to protect wildlife; such as elephants, rhinos, chimpanzee and gorilla as well as alleviate poverty in Africa by education and sustainable development.



WWFWorld Wildlife Fund –

They challenge the threats to nature for the sake of all living things.




orangutan foundationOrangutan Foundation –

Working to help save the endangered orangutan and it’s environment, which is threatened by deforestation.  This globally important habitat are the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo.