a selection of ethical engagment rings handcrafted by Shakti Ellenwood using ethically sourced sapphires, rose-cut diamonds and Ruby slices set into 18ct Fairtrade gold

Ethical Engagement Rings

Shakti Ellenwood’s handcrafted ethical engagement rings offer a unique blend of purity and provenance. Each is made with 100% Fairtrade gold and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Her divine artisanal creations are a world away from your average store-bought rings and perfect for those seeking out the unusual and the individual.

She is playful and creative in her approach to making these rings. Expect to find unconventional colours mixed together, captivating hand-stamped patterns and enchanting hidden hearts. These elements combined create charming, contemporary engagement rings you won’t find anywhere else.

Shakti’s distinctive creations are made by hand in her studio boutique in the UK using goldsmithing techniques passed down through the ages. These engagement rings are inspired by ancient times, folk law and fairytales manifesting as modern heirlooms designed to be treasured for centuries to come.

2% from the sale of each ring is donated to environmental and social causes.

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